Kiana and "A Day in Her Shoes" With The Garner Circle PR

A Day in the Life w. Garner Circle PR

Written by Kiana



Over the past months I’ve been looking for a mentorship program to inspire me to perservere to meet all my goals and better my future. What are my goals?
My short term goals are:
  1. Have a talent agent by the time I graduate
  2. to appear as a an extra or more on television or film by the time I am 18
  3. work in the entertainment industry- Public Relations, manage, produce, songwrite
  4. become a household name and well respected actor & singer
  5. become one of the top 10 teen performers in Atlanta
It seems like now-a-days I live in a generation where everyone goes about their business & feels it’s necessary to go out and get “yours” because no one else will do it for you. I totally agree. Achieving by yourself gives success much more worth in the long run. But sometimes you need a strong base of people that will expect & encourage the best in you. I found a place that will give me that “push”. The She in Me Program™, founded by Miss Bessie A. Winn- Afeku was introduced to me by Miss Leslie Young A mentor and contact of mine, Miss Leslie & Miss Bessie introduced me to an opportunity to shadow Nicole Garner, CEO of The Garner Circle PR. The opportunity was extended to me and I was put to work! The art of networking is amazing I tell you!
 Miss Christine Collier, Account Executive & Brand Agent of The Garner Circle contacted me while heading home from spending time with my mommy at the grand ol’ grocery store. It was kind of complicating trying to find a day that I could come in and shadow them because most PR planning & events happen through out the weekend and those were school nights. I ended up coming in during the week and had to manage school along with it...(continued)
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