In Case You Missed it...Freshman 101

About a week ago we held a Twitter Chat for our twitter followers called "She is Me Freshman 15". We gave 15 tips that will be helpful to college freshman. Check them out below!

We asked people what are some of the things they wish they knew before going to college these r the top 15 things they said.

Tip #1: Go to class! :) Even if your professor does not take attendance. After all that is why your going to college right?

Tip #2: Be very weary of credit cards. Have one for emergencies only (IF you must have one) U'll be offered CC aps all day  

Tip #3: Apply for as many scholarships as possible, it's free money and that is what it’s there for

Tip #4: Study before each class in order to pose questions during class and reinforce after class.

Tip #5: Take advantage of every opportunity that the campus has to offer; such as, programs, organizations, studying abroad

Tip #6: Join clubs that match your major
Tip #7: Get involved in your student government .

Tip #8: Be Social, make friends and remember to keep up relationships with friends and family at home.

Tip #9: Visit the surrounding universities and network with their students as well as your own. #15

Tip #10: Do not lose yourself through your college years.

Tip #11: Things you do freshman year can follow you throughout your college career, think wisely.

Tip #12: Stay active politically

Tip #13: Don’t procrastinate. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t procrastinate  
Tip #14: Schedule a time to speak with your professors if you are having any difficulty in class.

Tip #15: Don't give up. Especially if it IS for you.